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tv   [untitled]    April 18, 2013 9:14am-9:44am PDT

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all required by law. there is potentially dgo for 40 item, 40, 41 could be addressed, but we have them at this point. 42, there's no legal requirement for this. what was pointed out to us, though, is that each of the stations through the early intervention system, they measure or take stats on use of force, but they are -- they stay at the stations rather than a centralized database. >> no, they're sent downtown monthly, sent to the occ. >> okay. that would be an easy enough item to present information. >> it already happened. >> use of force stat? >> we get them monthly and we send them to the occ as policy.
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>> she's talking about -- reporting. >> we're talking about quarterly reports to the commission as a whole, chief. >> oh. >> so, it's in place. there's confusion where there's a frown by director hicks. would you like to weigh in here? >> director hicks. >> yes, commissioner kingly. the occ receives them, but this is a requirement for the police department to present a report to the commission. >> yes, yes. but you're saying it already -- the point you're making, chief, is the statistics are already compiled -- they're given to the occ on a quarterly basis or how frequently? >> monthly we send the logs, the actual logs and send them to the occ. >> commissioner kingsley, the occ doesn't prepare a report
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for the police commission. >> this is number 42 is -- the call would be for the department to present those, not the occ. >> yes, thank you. >> it would be the department. i think the point you were making, chief, is that it is centralized. the data does come from the various stations and are collected. >> right. >> okay, thank you. all right, we can move on, then. commissioner marshall? >> i'm always wanting to speed up the process. what i really wanted and maybe we're too far into this now. what i would -- for me, is like to see [inaudible]. lock at this whole thing and
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see recommendations about what you would like to change. that's what i was looking for. so, not necessarily comments on every time we go through it. >> fine. >> this is what i thought you meant. look at this, didn't see anything out of order. it was a learning experience obviously for fresh eyes [speaker not understood]. and saying, i think this should be added or i think this should be changed. and, so, you know, that's what i'm personally looking for, not necessarily -- >> okay. commissioner marshall, thank you for clarifying that. what we can do, if there are no other questions or comments -- and director hike has one, so, we will address that in a minute. when we're done here tonight, our intent is to go back over this again, consider the comments that have been made this evening, fine tune this,
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and begin to incorporate the item into exhibit a, the schedule in the back. then bring it again in front of the full commission for additional comments and recommendations. >> okay. >> director hike? >> yes, commissioner kingsley, only one more comment from me. and that's on page 10 item 49. >> we're actually going to cover that. go right ahead. >> thank you. ~, commissioner turman. there are two references to annual reports for the occ. but this one asks for a fiscal year report, and i -- about a year ago when i went through all of these listings, i did provide you with notes that for over 15 years the occ's
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database has been developed on a calendar year basis. and, so, that is how we generate our annual reports on the calendar year. so, it would be onerous. >> director hilbtionerctiontion, i ~ >> >> director hicks, that is something commissioner turman -- >> [speaker not understood] on the annual year rather than the fiscal year so long as that is in compliance with what we do, and certainly what is in compliance with the administrative code which probably [speaker not understood]. you wouldn't happen to know that off the top of your head [speaker not understood]? >> [inaudible]. >> okay. it's something we can look into and modify because we certainly don't want to make it more onerous on you. >> our final question to the full commission, should we include in this the fact that we're -- do we want to make
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permanent at least for a year going dark on the -- is it the third, the third week? >> if we want. again, a lot of these things that we have here were reactionary to certain issues. i prefer the flexibility of being able to change things when we need to. i'll chime in now. a lot of things we do here on the commission are reactionary. and if an issue comes up or there is a community that brings an issue to t we respond to it. certain commissioners have certain reports. and then those things are either remedied or no longer an issue. so, those are the things i was hoping to eliminate in this process. with reference, for example, should we dark the second or the third week? we can be flexible. we can do things on the fly. there's no need to codify everything. >> thank you, president mazzucco. that's helpful. i think, commissioner turman, did you have anything else on this? >> commissioner de jesus?
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>> the report of the police [speaker not understood]. so far this is the first time how bad i heard the cars were. we have [speaker not understood] july, budget time is way before july. i wonder if you want to move it up to the time when the budget is there. if they're in bad shape, we certainly should have a column for it. >> sure. we actually have -- my budget director met and chief [speaker not understood] met with the new chair of the budget committee supervisor farrell yesterday or day before yesterday, and he was also very interested in the [speaker not understood] mayor's office and the need for cars and coming up with a schedule for replacement. hopefully i can report back to the commission when we actually formalize that. >> good. >> [speaker not understood] other items that are not mandated by charter or the administrative code.
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>> all right. well, thank you both for putting your time and effort into this. as i said earlier, again, we are a reactionary commission. these are things [speaker not understood]. take these home, look at them. another time we'll get together as an action item and eliminate those. again, thing do come up as needed. commissioner loft us. >> commissioner kingsley, just to go back, you think the hours of time at community meeting and you also attended a community meeting. it is so clear the level of detail and cross-checking the charter and administrative code that you have to do. this is a service no question getting us to phase what kind of commission do we want to be, reactive or proactive. we're seeing what we're required to do, so i thank you for the hours of work. >> i'm glad that we do [speaker not understood]. [laughter] >> and i will say, commissioner, we are less
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reactive than we have been in the past. >> which is good news. >> which is good news. >> i just want to add, i don't know if reactive is the right word, but [speaker not understood] thing do happen. >> absolutely. [multiple voices] >> we don't want to lose the flexibility. >> i agree. >> thank you very much, commissioners turman and kingsley. it was great. one thing i'll suggest is once we get this list honed down, we can do like we do in law firm, have a calendaring sort of program which will automatically alert the police commission secretary that it's time for this event to come forward and we can discuss it as an item. great. all right. so, with reference to this line item 3d, please. >> item 3d, commission announcements and scheduling of items identified for consideration at future commission meetings, action. just to remind you there's no meeting next week on april 17. >> commissioners, are there any items you'd like to schedule? i know we have a packed agenda,
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anything coming up? okay, hearing none, we are now open to public comment. public comment regarding line items 3a, b, c and d. good evening, commissioners and chief. [speaker not understood] with the city of northern california. i just want to comment on the taser pilot program and the discussion that happened today and to really thank the commission and the chief sincerely for all the work you put into this. understand that perhaps sometimes we come out on different sides of the issues. but i think the process was established here was extraordinarily good and educational for us all. i know speaking for myself, i learn things from the community meetings. i learn things from the questions your department, chief. i learn things from your presentation and i really, really appreciate the hours of work that commissioner loft us, turman and chan as well as yourself and commander ali put into this issue. i think it's a model for how we can all work together going forward. so, i just want to echo the sentiments we heard today and
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thank you all for your work. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you for your work, too. any further public comment? hearing none, public comment is now closed. please call the next item. >> item 4, public comment on all matters pertaining to item 6 below closed session including public comment on the vote whether to hold item 6 in closed session. >> any public comment regarding this closed session matter? hearing none, public comment is now closed. call the next item. >> item 5, vote on whether to hold item 6 in closed session including vote on whether to assert the attorney/client privilege with regard to item 6a, san francisco administrative code section 67.10, action. >> we'll go into closed session. all in favor? >> aye. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, we are now moving to closed session. >>please stand by - >> we will vet to disclose any or all item discussed in closed session. do i have a motion?
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>> [speaker not understood]. >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> we will move to line item number 8, adjournment. >> i move adjournment. >> we adjourn in honor of two individuals [inaudible]. >> i'd like to adjourn tonight in honor of -- well, to recognize jacob [speaker not understood]. she was a murder victim on saturday, april 8 at 3:00 a.m. here in san francisco. he was a graduate of rudin high school. he was a stuart at louis and clark university. he was 19 years old. it was raja ix. it's too sad, and i'd like to adjourn tonight in the honor of him and certainly our thoughts go out to his family. ~ tragic >> i'd also like to adjourn tonight in honor of the anniversary of the death of officer isaac he espinosa who was killed in the line of duty april 10, 2004.
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chief suhr is no longer with us this evening. he's head today an event at bayview station in honor of officer isaac he espinosa. i'd like to adjourn in hon r of both isaac he espinosa and [speaker not understood]. we have a young man from the mission district that graduates and goes to louis and clark high school to play football and he's killed over an alleged misunderstanding, someone thinking he's a gang member. so, in their honor we adjourn. do i have a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> adjourned. >urkór
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